do you think big brother was racist or was it just run of the mill bullying

me thinks you should be spending more time on the dubs rather than bb, it’ll rot the brain

mmm general discussion section not talk only about dubs section but it could also be the ive got more in my life than vws section :rasp

its all a lot of s%^$e as far as im concerned

well if it was the other way round would there be so much fuss? :think

also remember shilpa is an actress

not that i watched it you understand ! just what iv heard from the news. or what purplebug told me :lol:

yeh yeh

i think the whole point of the program is to create discussion and fuel the brithish publcs need for knowing what other people do with their lives, maybe they do mean to cause offence, but shilpa bein called shilpa popadum or whatever, is like me bein called alan haggis.
racist? i dont think so, i just feel that bb puts people into situations hoping it will cause a stir. i dont think they banked on a school playground mentality forming and some bullying taking place.
i seem to get more rattled by bulying than sheer stupidity, which, in my opinion is all that the three stooges are guilty of.

p.s. i never watched it either. honest guv’nor. :rs

its 3 tramps picking on the posh bird!!! Some remarks were kinda racist and nasty but hey thats women for you!!! :lol:

I don’t think the arse that is Jade Goody has the brains to be racist!!! :rasp

Anyway thank god its off and celebrity love island will be back on soon! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Sounds like a couch potato, I take it you like crossroads as well? :rasp

is it cause i was black…

better watch it guys!! somebody might shut you down for even raising the issue.

As Pb says three ‘should be’ trailer park trash women picking on an intelligent, good looking and successful person. The race issue was used but it was a means to an end not the reason for the attacks. Worse thing is all the other people sitting around letting it happen, cowards. Now the three culprits are all over the media moaning and crying about the whole thing :o Shilpa’s response on the final was spot on and dignified made the others look like tssrs. And to lower the tone, marks out of ten I’d give her one.
Good thing was the fact that Top gear p*ssed all over it on the viewing figures and rightly so, nice to see the hamster back even if he was looking a bit nervous/awkward at points. Some blow out

sorry ime a scot and proud thats short for scottish
paki short for pakistani
work it out yourself

its only how its said

maybe we should all claim racism against the english they call us scots

i actually know a couple of indians, good friends actually, and the most offensive thing you can call them is a pakistani. i’m sure it works vice versa.
its just a pity our f**ked up country has gone pc daft and disappeared up its own hoop to realise that we are creating a monster out of nowt.

Equal rights for gingers as well!!! :rasp

don’t be knockin gingers now!!! :o

martyn is a ginger lover!!!