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Blimey - If Slobbo’s missus doesn’t like his Hi-top Split, imagine what she’d say if he came home in that?!! :lol:

i think he would be living in it :smiley:


Sweet, but why turn up in one when you could build it!

http://www.rqriley.com/minihome.html :think

Pretty isn’t it. Well I have finally got to the bottom of the grief. Ceinwen doesn’t mind the VW she just doesn’t like the time I spend fixing, tinkering etc. I can see her point. I spent the day today trying to get a overhead cabinet made so I can mount my speakers so I can wire up the stereo so I will have tunes down to peppercorn on Friday. The tunes may not be there. Oh and I got bugger all insulation installed. I did discover so rusty bits that need a wire brush and paint before I put said insulation in. Oh well I’ll get there eventually.

Ah… the age old problem of spending to much time with the wrong loved one. I seem to have figured a solution though. I just annoy Vicky so much that she tells me to get the hell out of the house & goto the garage so she can have some peace n quiet for awhile!

My other half has her own boiler suit… and consequently has no excuse to sit in the house moping while I do stuff to the Bus. Worth a shot, Slobbo? :smiley:

No chance - I’d have more chance getting blood from a stone.

Diane eventually came around to the idea of helping me with Eva! She did some beautiful Charles Rennie Mackintosh style curtains and velour panel covers a few years back. I just acknowledged her superior skills with fabric choice and gave her free reign with the interior finishings.
Of course, in return for all my time up at the garage, I just have to put in some maintainance work on her Peugeot and mow the lawn now and then… :rs
Just thought - what a great mobile gallery Tas would make for Ceinwen’s art… :zip

Maybes - I’m toying with the idea of getting a magnetic sign made up for the sides advertising her stuff and site. www.watercolourscenes.co.uk if anyone wants a look. Discount for Lothian Members. Ceinwen probably wouldn’t go for it though. She doesn’t like promoting herself. I’ve had to push her along.