Rat Look

Expect a number of opinions on this one…

Anyone got a constructive view on rat looking my 68 Ghia? As in, how would I go about - and not make it look naff.

To recap, have a hideous paint job from US, over the nice (and no doubt, well faded) red. Just weighing up rat look versus bare metal job - I’m terms of cost.

Thoughts? Al.

our right youll get a different views on this, its a marmite type of thing you either love it or hate it.
if there is a paint job hidding underneath the ad paint job id try removing the top coat of bad paint, itll be labour intensive to get back to the original paint but might be worth it. also if you rub through the original paint a bit here and there by mistake it wont really matter. to go this route all it will cost you is time really, maybe a few quid for sandpaper etctry a panel boot etc see how you go.

You ever sand this down? My mk1 has burgundy under the terrible paint I did when I was 18 and was considering just sanding it back and seeing how it was underneath

I got the fear!

Almost sold as is during summer but on test drive, realised how good a drive it was.

Latest plan on paint front is potentially getting DTH to paint back to original red. Think that’s most sensible option.

Thanks for responses on this, though.