Looking to get my T25 (Ollie) re-sprayed but have no idea how much this would cost and where is a good place to get it done

i got my bug done at a garage in bonnyrigg for a good was called advantage motors ask for jim.

thanks ill give JIM a bell. :thumb: :beers:

a good quality paint will cost a fair bit on a van, but there are alternatives out there, depends on what you are after. top quality paint finish or a usable camper that looks good.

as for a painter i would recomend

graeme bain in peebles on 07702909122

as for the alternative

I have done a bit of roller work on the rear quater. I think it looks Aok.

I was going for a respray but figured lowering and gas conversion are first.

Whole van painted for less than £50 including tools and material got to be worth a shot. :thumb:


looking good kevo !!!

does look good,once youve got the hang off it theres another 2 waiting :smiley:


thanks for the email jigs,

What a great link, total breef, youtube vid, product links. only thing im not sure on is the flattening, take it this is just a rub down with 600 grade sandpaper dipped in soapy water.

Thanks again im def going to give it a go. :thumb: :thumb:

Ho did you do the flattening???

Looks great to me.

with 600 grade in soapy water,

good link here to same info with pictures for others thinking of trying it -