Rear seat belts on bay camper

We had 3 point rear seat belts fitted in our 1973 bay as we have wee ones. The full length rock and roll bed was taken out to do this.
Since then have done some cleaning up of bed and have replaced but the lap part of the seat belts sits very high when wearing it. Kind off to be technical right under your boobs and not across your waist is this usual with rear seat belts in bays.
Just worried about comfort and safety with kids.

no this isnt usual although i think most have lap belts rather than 3 point belts.

somethings not right and the lap section would cause major problems to you if you were involved in a serious accident if its up there,crushing major organs spring to mind,the lap section fixing point must be too high?


I realy didn’t think it could be right! Sadly this was done by a garage who told us they had fitted selt belts to old vw campers before, wish we had asked for advice were to go before we had them done, garage is miles away from were we live.
The joys!!!


If you could post a photo it might help.
We’ve got two kids too, but luckily we have seat belts fitted.

Where are you based. Plenty of folk on here would be happy to help. If your anywhere near Dunfermline your welcome to stop in on me for a look. I’ve fitted then before both to a panel van conversion which doesn’t have the mounts and to a bus conversion which does. It is not a big job and shouldn’t be too hard to sort out.

Thanks Guys

We had the Camper at PFP Coachworks last night as the window seals need sorted (lots of rust big job very scarey) Sam had a look at the seat belts and yes the wrong ones were fitted,but he showed Steve my over half how to sort them.
Lesson learned I was just in such a hurry to take our newly bought camper out, I didn’t realy research how and were to go properly. Steve will forgive me soon i hope.

Thanks Mark for heads up about PFP Sam was great.