repaint question

following on from bugtastics thread

if you were going for a respray would you bare metal the car or repair and paint over?
there seems to be a bit of a debate as once you strip it down your taking away the protection as exposing the metal but then again you get to see any hidden surprises
whats your thoughts?


I like surprises

i think alot depends on cash again and what exactly you want all the show cars in the mags seem to be stripped to bare metal but then again they are paying thousands for paint jobs :huh:

Aye, all depends on time & money. Do you need the car back asap, are you doing it yourself…

If you’ve got the time n cash may aswell do it properly, either doing it yourself or using a shop

i wont be doing it mate and dont need it over winter so plenty time

how much for a show job?bare metal?and where?