Road side barrier

Does anyone know where I can get a length of that galvanised crash barrier they use on the motorways. I’m just looking for one length

i have to ask - why?

I see a lot of that stuff just lying at the side of the road… heehaw.gif

How long a length as there is some where I work

Wider than a van ie bumper size or bigger, cheers dudes

So, Sven is getting Armco bumpers then? biggrin.gif

hernandez - 22/7/2013 8:41 PM

Wider than a van ie bumper size or bigger, cheers dudes

You’ll need more than that to re-roof your workshop! heehaw.gif

Come up with a better idea. I need enough Armco to overlap to the bottom of the windscreen. I’ll cut holes for the head lights, mount additional indicators, maybe lamps and cross drill a centre square to let air through for the radiator. Oh and where can I get that heavy mesh, like they put over windows etc :think big plans for the Sven B)

Have you got a big enough platform for when you raise it up to the lightning to bring it to life?

sorry jim looks like your out of luck it has all vanished i will keep my eyes open though

Cheers Mr Tastic, I,m keeping my eyes peeled too. I think the used stuff must get sent to scrap. Don’t think there’s many folks want it, it’s not exactly pretty heehaw.gif

Is it just me, or do I hear the theme of the A-team in the background?

Nah, he’s army green not black. He’s soon going in for front repair work at Mr Drummonds Coachworks. Hopefully Sven will be back on the road for the October holidays. dancinnanagif.gif Its been a whole year this insurance saga and ill be glad to get back on the road

Just noticed you get cool fishtail end pieces for the barrier too. Look cool on either end

B) B)