Roof mounted speaker system

I bought a very unusual Speaker pod from a VW show a couple of years back with the intention of installing it into my old Syncro but I have sold the van and don’t need it in the new Syncro so it is taking up space in my garage. The 2 speakers are 5" in size. They are not tested but they don’t look damaged. You could put your own in if so desired. The condition of the pod is excellent (just a bit dusty).

The unit fits across the roof of the van and is fixed both sides of the van. It looks easy to install. 4 holes and some sturdy self tappers is all that is needed. The pod is width adjustable so it would fit in almost anything. It is currently set at 132cm in width but each side has an adjustment range of 6cm. The pod is currently set in the adjustment point marked 11 so it would shorten by another 4cm and increase by 8cm.

The speaker wires come out from the back of each side of the pod.

This would make a great addition to any van/camper where speaker positioning is a problem. I was intending on installing them in the back above the seat and hooking it up to a flip down monitor. That way the kids would be able to listen to a movie whilst we were listening to music in the front.

I bought it for £85 so would like that for it.

Pictures at

Still for sale - Will fit any van.