rubber light seals for type3

i’m looking for rubber seals for the lights of my fastback. i need one for the rear light cluster, and one for the front bullet indicators.
anyone know anywhere?
tried type 3 detectives and they will probably get the business unless anyone has or knows anyone who has either of the seals or of a company north of the border.

I have some light seals I got over from Oz. Don’t know what they are off though. I’ll have a look on the W/E

hi rob frank christi is your man for type 3 stuff over in kirkcady he has everything

Early or late rear lights. I have both in stock.

Also have lots of other T3 bits collected over many years.

Give me a call 07957 864039

thanks rob paul and rhod, will get in touch with relevant parties tmrw. or asap.

i think it is the early style rear lights, they are kind if pointy.

Have you got a picture of the light ot the back of your car so I can confirm for you?

i’ll get one for you,
infact does this work?

Early. Will look some out.

did you manage to look out those light seals for me? i’ve been kind o busy at school of late and added to the weather of late has meant i have not had much desire to head out into the galeforce winds and monsoon style showers to even look at the light situation.

also busy looking for o piece of rubber hose to connect the beetle style fuel tank to the filler cap in the “one0piece” fibreglass front end which is causing me great distress as i cannopt find a suitable hose anywhere. it looks almost like an induction hose, but about 50mm diameter each end. need this before lights can be attached at the front. any ideas would be gatefully accepted.
thanks in advance.

You have PM