Runner boards

for the last 2 days ive been trying to get my shitty runner boards off to get original one,s put back on
my problem is i cant get the bolts off underneath.
anyone got any handy tips as to how or know anyone that would be happy to wip them off for cheap.

You could try soaking them in release oil overnight, and with good spanners, and a lot of patience, try coaxing them off the next day. However, I’ve had a few of these blighters shear off in my time, leaving big probs when it comes to fit the new boards… :huh:

Are they just not turning or are they turning but not coming loose, if it’s that you can’t get them to turn… spray loads of wd40 on em let it soak in & if need be tap the spanner/socket dive with a rubbe rhammer to get it started. Of they are just spinning but not coming loose it’s a completely different ball game.

just cant get them to i can just get the socket on them and no more as its a tight space under the boards then the socket slips off when i try and turn it
apart from ripping them off im gona crack up.paying someone else to get pissed off seems like the easier option haha
although il probably get hit with a couple of hours labour charge for there troubles

Spray them with loads of WD40, put a spanner on them & then give the spanner a bloody good smack with a rubber mallet, they should come off pretty easy.

I you have seized nuts , narf narf.

The best idea is heat. Use a blow torch and heat the bolt cherry red. Blast on some WD40 (hold you breath) to shrink it. It should come off a treat.

If you don’t odds are you will round the head or shear it off.

With practise you get to know much force you can give it before it will snap.


If you dont want to keep them, cut them off with a grinder so you can get to the bolt heads easier.

that sounds like a good idea keith.
ok who,s got a lone or a grinder hahaha

Sometimes helps to tighten before loosening. Sounds strange but it works.

smack them on head with hammer breaks thread s rust hold on bolt. just judge the amount of force by the give in panel