Rust Bullet

Rust Bullet has finally arrived from America!! An LA inventor designed Rust Bullet, a new rust prevention product, to protect U.S. Air Force jet wingtips from abrasion during flight. It is now used on everything from cars to ships. Rust Bullet requires no preparation, just 2 coats to clean or rusty metal. As an excellent adhesion it doesn’t peel or blister away and can be painted over. It resists mechanical abuse, chemicals, abrasions, UV & weather in all climates and below seawater. It has been tested scientifically for 3 years against leading rust and corrosion control products.
Check out or contact Megan/Simon 07966026978 07971827006

But do we get a club discount (one can always hope) :smiley:

i think you have more chance of getting a sticker :lol:

actualy does anyone know if this stuff is any good?

I intend buying it to paint spongebob with, Spoken to a few peeps over the water that highly recommend it, especially over the likes of POR-15