rustoleoum paint combi colour

Hi there. Has any one attempted to use this paint on their van yet. I am going through prepping my van just now - weather permitting and then on with the paint.

Painted at t25 with above using a small roller . Decent finish but not as smooth as a spray finish . Painted the inner arches of my beetle . It’s good stuff .

Spray painted mine with it and had no problems. Great stuff for 40 quid a tin which should do your whole van. Only down side is the limited choice of colours. No fancy metaliics!

Do you think you can use it on the Hi-top part (fibre glass?)

Far to labour intensive to get a decent finish.

It’s ok, but I found it to have the same consistency as household gloss. It also does not stop rust.and vapor blisters if the metal is porous .r getting thin.

Yes its fine on fiberglass just obviously use primer first.

The only thing to top coat fibreglass is gelcoat spray applied. Anything else is really a make do and mend effort. The GRP will star badly. However most people do paint their pop tops etc. the difference is huge. Gel coat polishes up like ceramic and has a deep resinous lustre. In most cases this is the first layer in the moulding process, but can be spay applied, hand painted, ie to the hulls of yachts