scotsman guess the car

dont really read the scotsman but a fridays good for jobs etc and when looking through the car section did anyone see the guess the car today?

ill not tell you what it is,billy might guess but its maybe been a while since hes seen 1 :smiley:

Well done to DC for getting your car in the paper

Cheers Mark:beers: . Unfortunately I didnt know the motoring section was a Friday and I forgot to look for it so if you would be able to keep the motoring section andmaybe post it tome I would be really grateful.


P.S.I thinkthis post may have given away what the car was, even for those who havent seen the article. :smiley:

you will need to get it next week to see all the answers :thumb:

Dave, if you wanted the original question as posed in the Scotsman last Friday I have it here for you. I’ll keep it and you can let me know what to do with it. I can scan it if you want and send it as a PM and attachment or e-ail direct to you or whatever. It is only a photo of the car and a question asking what it is but I’m sure you will want to see your car in print. Well done, Andy

If you could scan and e-mail it to me Andy that would be great :thumb: .
My e mail addy is David scambo at hotmail dot com (without the spaces etc).

Huge thanks to Andy for sending on a copy of part 1 and for anybody interested, here is part 2 with the correct guesses;