Seat Ibiza

After many years of being sat in the driveway, to my shame not under cover, my ibiza cupra was feeling sorry for itself. Life had got in the way and getting time to do anything car related wasn’t happening, but then lockdown came along…

I’ve been working throughout but it means that I have a little more chance to do half an hour here and there, so gave it a quick check over, fired a battery in it, and in the finest tradition of VAG machinery it started first time after having not turned a wheel in something like 8 years! Dash was lit up like a Christmas tree and beeping like crazy but ran fine and also moved under its own steam.

Moved it in the drive, cleaned it up to get all the moss and gunk off it and started stripping it bit by bit,

Planning to get this sorted out then onto either a mk1 golf or a mk2 golf, also horrendously neglected!

Welcome back!
That came up good with a wash after so long !

The distance from the camera definitely helps! I’ll put together the rest of the pics later. Currently putting suspension and hubs back together and aiming for MOT by end of the month :crossed_fingers:

Couldn’t for the life of me figure out what was wrong for getting the tracking at least on the ballpark- miles and miles of toe in… the track rods I fitted when it came off the road so very much in the depths of my memory- eventually I measured them.

Think the rods might have been for a non pas car, and are about an inch and a bit longer on each side. Not double checked that with them off yet but a measure through the bellows would seem to back that up.

Otherwise back together, running, fresh oil and Just a couple of abs/ airbag lights need turned off. Was hopeful of MOT befor October but times been against me and so will need to wait til I get time to get the track rods off and done.