Hi All

Anyone going to the run at Selkirk 17 & 18th September.

Regards Sam.

I should have my Bus back by then… so… erm… that’s a definite maybe! :lol:

Think I’ll be relaxing down Dumfries way that weekend

working down south Sam, so have to give it a miss

Hey Davey
How you doing,was it Bob B you mentioned in relation to blasting ie my Ghia Chassis.

Regards Sam

no mate i dont know if bob does that kinda work, i think mark may have mentioned it though, one way to find out send Bob a message, if not he may well know some one who can

i should be free for that Sam

whats the plan re booking camping etc?


Hi Mark

Hope you had a good holiday,got my stuff for Selkirk a while ago dont know if you will be able to get in now.

Try this number Maria Povey 01835 830 316 or 07743 135 215

Failing that the Kingdom boys are going they may have spare passes???

Regards Sam

Is there a website with details of what’s happening when and where for this? I googled but couldn’t find anything useful. :huh:

Try Scottish Borders Council site they are supporting event or try numbers in previous post.

Regards Sam.

Found this.

Selkirk Rally
Date Sunday, September 18, 2005 11:00 - 17:00
Location Sunderland Hall, Lindean, nr Selkirk
Cost Adults £6; concessions £5; 5-16 years £1; U5 free
Contact 01835 830316

Annual veteran, vintage, steam & classic vehicle show

Details to be announced.

It’s a start. :smiley:

Right, I’m definitely going (with three lovely ladies :wink: ). The Bus is still at Greg’s, atm, so we’ll be in a little blue A-Class. I might see some of you there… but I’m likely to only know you from your cars! :lol: