I’m looking for a good place to take my boy for a service…he’s in desperate need of one and I don’t want to travel too far. Am in Leith in Edin if that helps. It was done last July (15K ago approx.) and I don’t trust that it was a decent one, so am looking for a full one (including timing and mixture adjustment if needed).

Good recommedations welcome…I’m also thinking of getting the timing belt replaced (as as far as I know, it’s never been done and he’s 18 this year…!).

Any help much appreciated.


John Forbes Automotive on Meadow Lane (just South of George Square) seems to be the standard place to go. 667 9767.

Cool, cheers mate, I’ll give them a ring and see what they have to say.

Anybody been recently to give me an idea on how they rate…?


was there on Monday and was very happy with what I got

Just got back from picking up the lad and all good…service went by without major work which is a blessing, although a few niggles that now need sorting. Brian who did the work is a very sound guy and even spent an hour this morning trying to get to the bottom of a squeak I’ve had on him for the past few months. Conclusion - exhaust. Blooming KF strike again…! We’ll see what they have to say when I go storming down there later in the week.

But he also didn’t know how John handles the discount from the club…John is off sick at the moment (and has been for nearly a year) so don’t know how this can be handled…?


p.s. anybody looking who is looking for homers and willing to do wishbone bushes, track rod end (and arm) and front flexi-hose replacement then message me…!!! :lol: