Shot of car trailer wanted

Im meant to be getting a shot of a car trailer to go pick up a beetle. If this doesnt happen does anyone else have a car trailer that I can rent/borrow over the weekend to pick it up?


im picking up a beetle from way down south soon,was thinking of car transport,no idea how much it is but its cheaper for 2 :smiley: where you getting yours from?

Might be a good idea, cars in Doncaster. Not definately got it yet but will know for definate this weekend if i want it. I been looking at renting them too and they are around £40 which isnt that bad, however just relised that Dad is off on holiday so cant “borrow” his T25 to tow it and im not old enough to rent a van :frowning:

have been offered my bosses passat as a tow car if i cant get anything but not sure if a 54 plate would be a good idea for towing, although it will still be under warnty :smiley:


i was more thinking car delivery as mine nearer london,by time i fly down and petrol best part of £200 plus a day traveling think i could get it delivered for not much more on car transporter
possibly stop at doncaster on way up?might only be extra £100
i will call a few companys in the morning for ideas if you are interested?as going to take you a day as around 5hours i think to doncaster then 5 hours back and petrol

Only problem with that is I wont be able to see the car first, will keep it in mind anyway tho. May be worth seeing it the weekend before and if its good do that, should find out tommorrow about getting a trailer etc so will let you know as soon as!


Hi mate,

I have had a few quotes to get it delivered myself. The car in doncaster sold before I could sort something out :frowning:

However I have found another in London. I have had quotes from between £600 to £300 to get it back. Did you manage to get any? Would be definately interested in doing this if you still are. Only problem is again I wont be able to see the car so will just have to rely on the seller :mellow: I havent got any for 2 cars, but if you give me the postcode ill mail the cheep ones back and see if it makes difernce


ive had a few quotes ranging from 350 - 500,but been told about 1 by Robert who got his van delivered for 250(said it was further away) from Falkirk car transport i think also going to call I.C.vehicle delivery based in Livingston

ive already bought the car,didnt see mine either :huh: but looking at transporting couple of weeks?woman said she will mot it etc so said about a week but also she needed to get new keys cut as cant seem to find them.

if you can get a price for two im more than happy to go with it as its definate,
my postcode is EH12 7QS but im happy to pick the car up from there local yard if easier not sure of postcode there but the cars in salisbury also would be cash if it makes a difference

dont know if this will be any good, but last night i was told that the aa or rac (couldnt remember which) will deliver a car for £1 per mile if you are not a member.

I.C Vehicle Deliverys are 250 plus vat,not too bad didnt say about another 1 mind you

how are you getting on with things?do you think you will be needing a car transported up?

Ye have had quite a few quotes. Cheepest I got was £299. Most companys were not interested in 2 (well the cheeper ones) as they dont have the resources. Cheeepest for me was Paul Ridley CVT

Im sort of chickening out of buying a car i cant see :frowning:
let me know if you get a really good offer tho, might be enough to sway me :smiley:

Good Luck