Sick - in a good way.

What do you guys and girls think?

Loving it.
Do you know Niels of Airmighty???

I met him briefly at European Bug-in or was it Spa? I have always dug his site and show reportage. Mr Ploon is a dude too! Do you guys know each other?

He know’s my brother, I’ve only spoken to him thru emails and the forum on his site. Was going to meet him last May when we went back to Holland, when I had my beetle lowered at Kieft & Klok (my brother does the upholstery for them) at a VW Aircooled meet in Deventer, Holland. But unfortunately that never happened.
Love his rag top beetle with the aussie trim.

Me too. Aussie trim really looks good on early t1’s. I don’t suppose you know the inside nitty on the ex-Rustbox panel that KnK shipped over? I remember seeing it on there blog and I had a wee feeling that T2d ended up with it - but not sure. Jaybird from Rustbox was going to spaceframe it and lay it out on air, but didn’t have the time for it, being so busy. Just curious as the Faux Patina is truly convincing.

Not sure, KnK are kinda working together with T2D so might have ended there like you said.

But another thing they did say that the Volksarama BoxRod was coming to them, not sure if they bought it, but it was up for sale:

jimbob76 - 8/12/2009 12:08 PM

What do you guys and girls think?

Looks and probably drives like its suspension is broken. Great fun over road humps I would have thought.

Comfort and cool looks seldom go together biggrin.gif

jimbob76 - 8/12/2009 4:02 PM
…spaceframe it and lay it out on air…

There’s your clue to achieving the good extreme lowered looks with proper handling and comfort Keith…! :rolleyes:
Yes, I saw 'Dubs riding so low at Chimay last year that sparks were flying from their arses, but with air you don’t have to hang like that on the street (unless your gettin your pic taken…)

Nice thread jimbob76! B)

Cheers Dude. Geea and I are heading to the Hawes Inn on Wednesday. Look forward to finally meeting some of you guys then.

It was good to meet some of you guys last night. Have a killer Christmas and a groovy New Year. cheers for now.

Aye - it was good to meet you and Geea last night!
Have a good festive and here’s to another year’s Dubbin! :beers: