Solar Panel

Thinking of fitting solar panel to my van to keep the leisure battery topped up when not on the move. Anyone have any thoughts on this or actually done it?

sounds good but the main fault is you nead sun to work it and you live in scotland can you see the problem :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I tried a wee solar panel kit on Eva many years ago - waste of space unless it’s the size of your roof!
I think the current output on a sunny day was something like 0.01 amps from a panel the size of two CD cases side by side. Maybe technology’s moved on a bit since the 1994 Innovations catalogue, but I’d be looking for a minimum of around 0.5 amps in brilliant sunshine…

Might be worth having a look on ebay. (There’s always a reason to look on ebay…)

A bit dearer than some but then this probably works…

I just searched for Solar VW - amazing what’s out there!

I too tried the little panel, like the one Alex describes but can’t say that it made a noticeable difference, it hardly lit the LED to indicate it was charging.

Good luck!

hi i got a solar charger at maplin I’ve got it conected to my liesure battery and seems to be ok. all it does is a basic trickle charge, a top up on what the altanatror should be doing anyway.