Sold my Hitop

Looks like I sold my hitop to a chap from California to go to Japan. How bizarre is that. The world sure is shrinking. Big Tony is thinking he’d like it back though (bought it from him originally). I wouldn’t mind his 21 Window but I don’t think the wife will let me spend that kinda Wonga on it. I am not sure as well because I am thinking I’d like to pick up a sorted RHD van with the big engine and IRS already done. Tonys 21 winda is stock. Very very tidy but stock.

I am also starting to get attached to the Blue bay I imported from Oz. I’ve invested so much time and money in sorting her that I don’t know if I want to part with her. Wish the boss would let me have 2.

:o That is pretty freaky, even considering the international nature of the Van market nowadays!
So you’ve imported two from Oz and will export one to Japan via USA - not bad going for Fife Mate! Hope you get the cash cleared alright before it goes anywhere… :wink:
As for your other dilemma, I’d suggest you keep the Oz Bay 2 litre for using meanwhile, and just spend the cash from the Hi-Top on a good, solid Split Camper/Kombi/Panel Van - Sambas are kinda pricey to start with! Then you can sort the tuned engine, IRS, lowering, disc brakes, wheels, interior, ICE, paint, etc. to your own requirements - very fulfilling in the long run (15 years in my case!)
The wife will soon get used to a Splitty as an essential part of the family (as opposed to a Beetle, Mini or Jeep Cherokee in your case!) :slight_smile: