Soldering advice please.... What to get

About to get a megasquirt kit sent over from America, but will need to build it up
(solder all the components onto the PCB ).

Can anyone recommend what to go for soldering equipment wise?

Looking at:
the professional electric one (number 7 bottom left) probably the middle wattage, does this seem ok? Will get one of each of the tips so I can see what i prefer.

Also where should I get the solder from? Is it all the same? - some here, any good?


If its just wee soldering jobs, like wiring, then £10-£20 for the iron (25-50W) plus a quid or two for solder should be more than enough. If you are planning more, let me know, and I’ll advise further.
If you are planning to solder outdoors in the middle of winter, go for a gun with more power than you think you’ll need.
For circuit board assembly and small automotive jobs; Kit #1 at £12.62 looks good to me, I’d buy it.

I can lend you a soldering iron mate!! :smiley: might even have a spare you can have. call me this afternoon and i’ll pop home for a gander .

anyone got a small gas 1 i could borrow this weekend? just need it for 2 mins

ur leckie cut off again cottle

If you are near a Maplin then you get a good iron base solder and a guide for £20

Not to sure whats in the box but you should also check if you neeed anti-static kit. If it turns out to be a pain give me a shout and I will do it at work.


yes not sure if going on sunday but can get it to you on sunday or if you need sooner let me know