split relay info please

the new fuel sender is in ,nice and easy ,when there is an access in the top from inside, now i am just about to fit a split charge relay to the aux battery in the van, this would seem to be not to hard just it came witha small clip type piece. i can’t work out what it is, has anyone used one of these kits with the relay ,its from just kampers but can be bought from other suppliers. whats this little thing ,is it a wire striper or smoething?

show us a pic? is it not a clip to attatch relay somewhere? :think

Sounds like a dreaded “scotch lock”. Is it a blue plastic thing about the size of a finger nail, with metal cutters inside?
These things are favoured by auto electricians to join a new wire with an existing one, like a “y” junction, and to save soldering.
The trouble is that they often cut through the some of the wires as well as the insulation. Once the auto spark has been paid and driven off(days, weeks, months latter) you will be left with a hard to trace problem; Which your friendly auto spark will probably “fix” whith yet more “scotch locks”!
Don’t use, consider as a total bodge. Solder instead.

some pics of the bit.what is it .I think stephen is right cheers mate.

he is spot on!! thast what it is.

aye, the dread scotch block, my van is full of the damn things aswel as a huge amount of insulating tape & loose wires! You have taken voltage drop n all that sort of thing into consideration haven’t you?

thanks guys the sloder is at the ready. cheers Mark

As an alternative to soldering I have some inline crimps that can do the same job as well far better than those connectors give us a shout if you would like to try.

No offence Mark, but I find it quite amusing that something I’ve seen, used, and taken for granted for so long is a bit of a mystery to practical chap like yourself! Just another sign I’m getting old I suppose… (http://photobucket.com)

On the helpful side, they still have their uses (basic audio - no amplified stuff), but for reliability on ignition and charging systems - avoid!

thanks sean mate may do but to be honest looking at the set up i can’t see where i’d even need to jion to wires together anyway ,starnge.
ah Alex you showing your experience me my lack off.

Do not use these things. They will give you no end of grief.

much better using a 30 amp relay 30 to batterycar 31 to ground 51 to blue wire from alternator and other connection to leisure battery

not to mention cheaper

if you need fridge same as above but swap leisure battery for fridge. works a treat as only cooles fridge when engines started. or be like me zig unit plus above

Would like a zig unit, reckon I’ll just need to get by without one for the moment, gonna sort out a couple of relays for an aux battery & fridge to do the business whilst the motors running, for when I finally get to that stage :stuck_out_tongue:


i’ve already got ,the unit so it will have to do. cheers though,

managed to sort out my lighting in the dash , but came across a live wire that is always live even when car ignition is off, i figure that this must be the clock power,is that right ?,any other ideas.

also just sorted a new sender unit for the van but it still does thae same thing, when i turn on the ignition it goes all the way up. was told by Sam at pfp it was a faultly sender so bought a new one. fitted it and it does the same thing.
this happened after i had and accident and thought it should have been sorted by sam but he told me it was the unit.and that it was coincidence that it happened , i bloody knew that was ballocks at the time . i’m pissed off ,
i think when i had a shunt the wire that goes to the gauge in the dash must have been split and is earthing inline some where/ could this be the case does anyone know?

trust noone is my new moto.its not hard to fix is it? i’m thinking worst case i’ll have to run a new wire from sender to gauge, could replace existing wire but it goes into a loom and down the steering colom (where i believe it is earthing) and this is just a pain. rant over

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Hi - Do I need a Split Charger?

I have a Zig CF6 and it charges both my batteries. Is it worth getting a split charger?

I have my Main Battery connected to Terminals 1 & 2 and my aux 3 & 4 when I turn the touring/on-site switch to touring both charge. I have heard a lot of talk about buzzing boxes under seats and wondered why thy are used.


split charge relay is good because you don’t have to worry about any switchs as it only allows the charge to flow when igintion is on and cuts the line between starter battery and aux battery so if the full battery is used up it will not allow starter to be drained . this is all in know .

i’ve now got a fuel gauge that works.i’m still pissed off , what a F’ing waste of cash for the sender unit, bad advice should at least be free.

What does split charge mean exactly, well basically it’s the term given to the way we charge the leisure battery as we drive along, when your at home or on a camp site you’ll most likely have a mains charger, more often than not built into the van to charge the battery up, this is fine if you only ever stay on camp sites which have mains electric hook-ups available,

If you are like most people and want to be sure to have the leisure battery charged up like the starter battery is every time you drive the van, and thus be able to stay off electric hook-ups when camping, or stopping the night at the side of the road, or outside a friends house, you’ll need to install something that diverts some of the charge going from the van’s alternator to the starter battery to the leisure battery as well.

Just to put things really simple for a second, the engine in your van has an alternator, this is a devise that makes electricity when driven by the engine, and this electricity is sent to the battery used to start the engine with, the alternators job is to put back in the power you took out by starting the engine, also everything electrical inside the vehicle (stereo, headlights, brake lights and all that) takes power from the battery, this power needs to be replaced… much like having a torch with re-chargeable batteries in it, only instead of waiting for the bulb to go dim and then putting the batteries in a charger plugged into the mains, the alternator replaces the power as it’s used by the lights, stereo, and all other electrical systems in the van as you drive along.

So as your producing power to re-charge the starter battery, you just need a way to take some of that power and send it to the leisure battery, and as you drive along you will be re-charging the leisure battery as well as the starter battery, doing this is called split charging, your splitting the charge between the starter battery and the leisure battery.