splitty restoration coming on discovery ch tue nights


starts next tue on discovery realtime,maybe its time to upgrade my package as dont think i get that

so who is going to tape it and pass it round us poor people that dont have sky actualy thats not right. who is going to tape it and pass it round us people that choose not to have sky :smiley:

Come round here and watch it on cable,i’ll supply the coffee, you bring the cakes…

Wait a minute, I’ve just watched the trailer, the van looks an awful lot like Eva… No wonder the monsta has been mia recently

:lol: - I’m ba-ack!
And yes, restoring a Splitty is JUST like that trailer - lying under your van in great discomfort, rust & muck & grindings everywhere, dreaming of a bikini clad lovely admiring you & your shiny finished Van in an idyllic setting - when the missus comes home from work with 5 days to go before the hols and reminds you how much there’s to do in so little time! :mellow:
Still - we just made it. 3600 miles, via France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Lichtenstein, Switzerland, and Andorra! Great weather, good roads, fast cruising, awesome brakes, 26mpg, and no mechanical troubles… :slight_smile:

As for the Discovery programme, I’ll certainly be taping it! It’s about time two years of £30 a month telly (featuring over 6 months of dull, repetitive advertising breaks) came up with something relevant for £720!
Pimp My Ride? Absolute tosh…

nice ,its about time that vdubs had a show like this . I bloody loved it good motivation for the winter projects.
I’m getting sam to do some work on the van cause i had a wee accident and there has been a claim made on the old insurance so might as well get it done, plus respray in 2 pack should look sound , but i will be getting my beetle into my double garage for winter project really looking forward to that.
does anyone know of any good vdub documentries maybe of shows or events anything like that maybe stuff from the states. or is there a gap in the market that i could take advantage off and make a wee documentry about the uk vdub scene.anyone interested in doing some freelance camera work or anyone have some footage already .let me know cheers.ps are the club tshirts ready yet. i like the new cards we got very nice but realy should get a bay on them next year just slot it in or loss the golf . (thinking out loud)ahhh.

i am getting this series put onto disc so i will burn a few copies and pass them round if folk are interested?? i think the series has 6 episodes, so mite a wee while yet.


if you missed the 1st one its on again sunday night at 8.30

book a copy for me :smiley:

:smiley: Tonight’s chapter of ‘Campervan Crisis’ rocked!
After the chemical dip’n’strip last week, Nigel gets turned down by three known restorers until he finds an independent willing to do the bodywork repairs. About half the van ends up in the skip!
There’s good footage of BWA (Buses With Attitude) racing at Santa Pod, ending with the pre-assembly of a Race Shack engine that’s going to get the turbo treatment.
I’m hooked - I just wish they would make more programmes like this instead of all those fishing shows… :huh:
(Nowt wrong wi angling as a sport - but it’s for participating in - not watching others go fishing on telly!)

and if your really sad you watch the repeat on the sunday night 2,even jamie’s hooked he wanted to stay up late to watch it :lol:

dont say HOOKED you will start alex of on the fishing programes again :rasp