okies i have a front wing that i need to get replaced and sprayed, when im at it i was thinking i would get the few little rust spots sorted out too, in total there are 4 spots needing done on the car. im just wondering if there are any places that you guys would reccommend for the work, and also a rough guestimate as to how much i should be looking to spend on say two panels getting sprayed and a few rust spots getting sorted out too

its a case of you get what you pay for on this one, could get it done cheap ok ish job or pay good money have a top job done depends how fussy you are? best thing take it to a couple garages get some estimates

cheers jigs i will do. i have a few friends that have had all their spray work done at seafield coachworks always with the highest quality of work. i was really wondering fi any of you guys have had spray work done? if so what did you get done, where about and how much it cost.