Starter Bush

Need to fit a new starter to my 1600 Bay Window.
How do you get the old bush out?

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Hi Drew
I’ve had the starter motor out a few times But only changed the bush once as I had the engine out at the time.

I found a 1/4 inch socket extension bar fitted over the old bush tap it out through into the gearbox (with the engine out) and the reverse to fit the new bush.

Do you need to change it?

I’m fitting a new starter and a new bush is recomended. The last time I did one the engine was out. This time the engine is in.
There is a special puller but they cost about £75.00.
I will have a look and I think about when I finish work tonight.

You are probably better off changing the bush regardless as it could be worn and cause problems later on.

If you had a tap and die set you could maybe insert the appropriate size tap and maybe somehow pull the bush out?

Thanks. I’ll see what I have got in my tool box.