Strange plastic bottle

Hi, another what’s it for question. in the offside air vent of my T2 Bay there is a black plastic canister.

It has a number 7X0.201.920 embossed on it. Searching all I can find is a Brazilian site advertising a used one as " Reservatorio Canister Kombi 1.4 Flex" It has 3 thin pipes attached, two go to the fuel tank and the third goes nowhere.

What is this meant to do and can I remove it as excess clutter?

Id say it’s the charcoal filter, because your bus has had an engine swap I’d say it’s no longer used, but originally I don’t think it would have had 2 lines to fuel tank ? I’d maybe do a bit more internet searching just to be sure !

It seems that in Brazil the term “Flex” refers to alcohol fuel. There is nothing inside it, it is hollow. It may have been connected to a charcoal filter which was not present but there were certainly two pipes going to the fuel tank.I have removed it and plugged the thin hoses from the tank.