sunroof (kieth)

this one is for kieth or anyone else who has a sunroof bug. i have new felt seals but not 100% on how to fit them. i know they glue to the body on the front, and the sunroof on the rear, but they are shaped kinda like a P so which way are they glued on???


Very good question, I made the mistake of gluing mine the wrong way round. The back piece is glued so the p part sticks up, more obvious that it sounds. The front and side seal (all one piece) should be fitted so that the p part points inwards to the sunroof. Mine on the otherhand points outward. I use appoxi resin based glue to do mine and did it in segments if I remeber correctly.

cheers for that kieth, wanted to double check dont want it leaking !! ill get onto that asap.


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sorry keith

An extra point worth mentioning is that there are four drain tubes, which, in order to avoid water ingress should not be blocked. They drain to the door posts at the front and the rear quarter panels at the back. I re-routed the back ones to exit at the engine bay. The front ones I extended so that the tube poked out at the base of the door post, otherwise it encourages the door posts to rot out faster. Up to you whether you make these mods though.

yeah i have changed all 4 of those already just to be on the safe side!!

i am having a wee problem with one side not closing properly im hoping its not the cable as they are a bit expensive at 85 quid each !! ouch!


You may find one cable is one tooth out a bit, you need to make sure, if memory serves me right, that the cables, are the right length relative to each other, because, when the sunroof, hits the front edge of the hole, as you turn the handle it causes it to pivot at the rear end. If one cable is longer than the other, one side will rise and the other side wont, its a bit fiddly but you get there in the end. Worn cables usually just skip at the winder.

cheers keith ill give that a go tomorrow

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