Syncro Event in Scotland

I am arranging a Syncro camping/playing event at Glentarkie (near Kinross). It is a 40 acre site with options for all abilities. If your interested the costs for 2 days in the mud and camping would be £50 per vehicle. Availability is fine. Anytime we want. I suggest the weekend of the 28th August as it is a public holiday on the Monday (at least it is in England), other choices would be 21st August or the 1st of September. Before the 21st is too soon for me. If your interested email me at with your preferred dates (in rank order). I take it we can cover everyone under the clubs insurance (public liability stuff I mean)? I haven’t checked but I am guessing Glentarkie has its own insurances if not.

Oh and they have a jet wash to get everything sparkling before you head home.

So what is happening then Rob?

Any news on this Off Road Event yet?.. :think

Well with the Devon Weekend and Vanfest around that time I am looking at a single day event instead. Will let you know.