T25 in Roseburn

For a few weeks now there is a “new” T25 Camper in my street (Roseburn Place), it’s an Explorer(?) and it’s got a old LVWC sticker on the back, anyone here on the forum???

Oyeah and it’s red :smiley:

seen this earlier although no idea who it belongs to,is it possible roseburn garage are doing work on it?

Nah, it’s never been parked outside Mo’s and it’s been here for too long.

dude stick a LVWC flyer on the window and see if they appear here, if you dont have any flyers
(why not) you can get some next time your at a blether!

Yeah was thinking about that, need to look in the Van to see if I have any left.
And yes I need to go to a blether as well, been way too long…:shame: :shame: