T25 Speedo Cable Replacement Problem


Ye cannae beat a trier!!!

I have been working tonight on putting a new speedo cable on my 1988 T25. Following the guidance of the Haynes manual. All was going sweet until the square end on the old cable sheared off inside the hub. It was proving difficult to pull out at the back of the hub but i thought it was just because it had been in there for ages. Will I now have to dismantle the hub to get into it to clean out the old end bit that sheared off.???

I have pretty much done everything apart from put the new cable into the back of the hub and reattach the circlip at the square hub cap cover.

Hope someone can point me in the right direction. (dont point me to the garage i’m skint n need to do it myself) heehaw.gif

Cheers Neil.

I presume youv tried something long and thin and poked it through?

Yeah from both sides. :think

Managed to get the broken piece out by pushing it through from the back with a long thin bolt. Second time lucky. dancinnanagif.gif

Getting the new cable in is now proving to be difficult. mad.gif The rubber sleeve only goes in about 10mm if that then stops. I’ve tried a little grease and washing up liquid on the rubber sleeve. I’ll keep trying. Thinner rods go in the hole nae bother.

Speedo cable fitted and working. dancinnanagif.gif

Needle is a bit bouncy so i’ll check that the cable is not kinked.

Should the end that connects to the instrument panel need greased???