Just a note of thanks to the guys who were on the cruise tonight, for there help in getting me to Flotterstone inn tonight, special thanks to Ally, Alex, Ian and Keith.

breakdown truck picked me up at 11ish and i was home and car garaged for midnight.

cheers guys

Blimey! What happened?

think my regulator or dynamo is goosed, just as well im booked into gregs for an alternator conversion next tuesday.

thanks for asking Ni

Batteries only hold so much power when the faulty regulator won’t let the generator charge it… :axe
That was a top Bug Cruise all the same - the crowds waiting outside Fringe venues all gave our procession the thumbs up! :smiley:

Unlucky, Davey. Should be easily sorted, though. Top rallying around from the boys! Respect! :slight_smile:

Glad we could be of help Davey, surely it’s better waiting in the pub than by the side of the road :slight_smile:

It was a great night, nice weather for the cruise & some good ol banter & to top the night off I thought I’d have a quick check on ebay when I got in & just scored the tacho to go with my new speedo & the dual oil temp/pressure gauge (not sure if I’ll fit the dual oil one yet) for a pricey £12.50 including p&p :rasp

Once again a faulty regulator to blame, alternators are much more reliable. I used to replace mine every year without fail, not helped by crap build quality though.