The Final Countdown!

As a result of Greg and Dudes of Bus Stop Ecosse being bionic, I’m in a rush to arrange a bunch of things to allow me to drive my Bus home in a week or so. Yay!

So… this thread is dedicated to asking for advice for some/any/all of the things I have to do in preparation for collection of said Bus. :smiley:

However, the first question is about something I’ll need to do soon after collection… I need the underside of my Bus blasted and waxoyled. Who does this and how much does it cost?

(I’ll add more questions as and when I eventually think of them :P)

I think there was a thread on that on the old forums, but why not get it done at Gregs at the same time. The thing is on the hoist there… I have seen it (Wow!) You could also get some stategic holes drilled for the waxoil nossel and some grommets to fill them so you can waxoil on a regular basis. Blasting is the only thing that may not be able to be done there, but there may be someone local to Gregs that could do it.


I mentioned it but he didn’t recommend someone who could do the blasting.

Aliblast in Linlithgow - 01506 671844 - has got new premises for blasting complete cars/vans, but it’s a messy business - the dust gets everywhere!
You’d need to strip virtually everything out, possibly even the wiring loom and brake pipes, and replace it all after a good clean up, etch, prime & paint. :o

Blimey. Damn. Lots of the interior is out at the moment but I need to have it put back in before taking the Bus away… and the whole braking system has only just been replaced. Bugger. I’ll have to give the guy a call. That’s going to be a time consuming and expensive pain in the arse. :mellow: There has to be an easier way.

You could always buy a portable blaster and do small areas at a time masking off the as you go, I just bought one off ebay for around £90 although haven’t used it yet as I’m just getting all the bits that i need first!

Not sure about blasting the whole of the underneath. I’d worry about some unseen bit been blasted and then not treated. Besides, its going to be a lot of work on an assembled vehicle.

I guess I’m best to take the Bus round and let him have a poke about underneath.