the monsta

Has anyone heard from the Monsta since he got back from his European tour

I think we’ll all have more posts than him soon, maybe he’s been banned from computer as my wife keeps threatening me

i spoke to him sunday,he had made it back onto scottish soil.van going strong,he was hoping to make it to the hawes wed night.

Well worry no more friends - the holiday went very well, but no sooner had I got back last Sunday than silly hours at work and the desire to drink beer in the sunshine the rest of the time kept me away from the computer!
Good to catch up wi Davey, Mark and a couple of Fife van owners on Wed. night. They’ll probably be lapping up the sun at Bug Jam right now, soooo… as it’s still sunny here - I’m off to drink some more beer…!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

i just heard from davey and purplebug its raining at bug jam!! thats a shame for them! :stuck_out_tongue: