The word goes out

Picked up on this thread on club80-90 All you Van/Bus owners get sorted for the 7th of August. We won’t be here, but I am sure at least a few might be able to make it down.


Blimey - a fair thread started by David Eccles informing Club 80-90 Van owners of a slightly different kind of event this summer.
4 pages later we’ve discovered most peeps who regularly post there think it’s a rip-off, that Vanfest is the ‘unofficial record holder’ and that’s all that matters, event & charity profiteering scandals, a jetskier down on the RNLI, a surmise of how the RNLI would function if run as a Govt. Dept. & not a charity…
And all with great doses of good humour! Cracking stuff, Gromit… :slight_smile:
But the REALLY important question is… How come they’ve got far more novelty emoticons than us ???
:axe :o

Ok Ok, so it wasn’t the best post…Emoticons ok I’ll see what I can do.


No - it was a highly entertaining post I thought…
The emoticons I really like are the long jaw drop, rolling with laughter and drinking from the bottle! :slight_smile:
One other tiny wee thing to think about sorting - when you decide to go back up your text and put in a few extra emoticons, they always seem to align at the very end of your text, and not where you try and position them with the cursor…

Aye, that was a good read.
Talk about generating a proper wide-ranging discussion, just with a simple post too.
Should be renamed 80-90 debating society!