Had the front grill and Headlight panel stolen from my T25 overnight. If anyone gets offered such a part please let me know.

Grrr Sorry to hear

Post up some more details and we will all keep eyes out, fair too say no need to give exact location.

Was it Round / Square, double / single. The Double Square are getting rare. Wing Mirrors are also a fav :frowning:


Hi Kev, thanks for the reply. It is the double square ones. Removed from my camper which is parked outside my house in South Edinburgh. Grrrr indeed. Left me feeling sick all day. If anyone can help me source a replacement I would be very grateful. Cheers, Moray.

Hate to tell you mate. The square headlights go for big money now so you won’t see much change usually from £200 plus to replace it. Did they just nick the grill or the headlights as well? JK do a replacement kit (South African twin round headlight style) new but it is £383 without the headlights.

Hi Slobbo, Thanks for the reply. They took the grill and the lights. Looks like it might take some time to find proper replacements. I’m still seething !

Do what I did for your front grill.

Stick on a pair of second hand round headlights and grill. cost me less than £50

Gives your bus a more classic look and strangely enough don’t seem to be worth nicking biggrin.gif

Then try your luck at picking up your original style headlights at the Bigger Show.

Last year I got the South African grill and 2 light units to fit it that Robs talking about for a fraction of the JK price.

B) :rolleyes: biggrin.gif