Time to say goodbye

Well all,

The number of days that we have in Edinburgh are dwindling pretty quick. I am proposing a wee tipple somewhere around town to allow me to say goodbye to my newly found friends…

So who’s available over the next two weeks?


Simon Hall

Did someone mention a drink…? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d be up for a pint or three…

Only time I can’t make it is next weekend as I’m in Ireland but I suppose most will be at Vanfest anyway! Blast these weddings…

Don’t let it stop you getting something organised though.

Rob :smiley:

I’m thirsty!
Count me in.

drink me no way well maybe

I reckon I might just be able to be forced away from the pc for a pint, realy depends when though, Vicky goes for an op a week on tuesday n after that I’ll not be out n about much while she recovers for a few weeks :frowning:

I’d love to come and see you off in style, matey. I’d also prefer to come in my Bus… so later rather than sooner suits me fine. :smiley:

Ok all. Looks like it is going to have to be tomorrow night. Sorry for the short notice! Still not sure of the venue, but somewhere walking distance from Dean Bridge…Rob what’s the name of your local? So spread the word guys…


Tomorrow night :frowning: no way I can make that I’m afraid, So I’ll say all the best to you n yours Simon. Hope everything works out for you all.

Oof! Short notice indeed - still, got nowt else to interfere - except the look on Diane’s face when I tell her what I’ve got planned for the evening… :o

Hi Simon,

The local is on William Street, called Berts. Good Beer at good prices. We also have the choice of going to Teuchters accross the street if we want a little more atmosphere, and Sheila’s… :smiley:

What time do you fancy meeting up?


7:30-8pm…got your sleeping mat to return so maybe I’ll drop it off first. I will call Nick… If anyone else can think of peeps that may not see this thread them give them a tinkle.