Timed Rally part 2 Sunday 22nd June

As Per Keiths Post,Sunday 22nd June - - I’m putting together the instructions and maps for this event. For those that missed the last post, the idea is a timed competition with a prize for the winner. You will be given a map and route instructions at the start and will have to maintain an average speed. It will take approx an hour and involve driving along small rural roads. It will start and finish from the Flotterstone Inn. The winner will be the one closest to the average speed time. You will get penalities for being early or late at the end. You will have to take pictures or record info abount signs on route. There will be a choice of two average speeds, 30mph or 34mph, both of which will be challenging to achieve, having tried it out already, particularly if you take a worng turning. To take part all you need is a watch, and a pen. However, its desirable to have a stopwatch, digital camera/phone, working speedo with trip, and basic maths skills oh and a sense of direction. People will need to team up, driver and navigator, although we could do this at the event if someone is on their own. Can someone on the committee organise a prize thanks. The event could be held one evening(days are pretty long in June) or a weekend. I have suggested a number of dates. I reckon we need a minimum of three cars and max of 10. Cars will leave every 2 mins. If we get enough numbers I’ll confirm final arrangement in due course. Thanks

Sunday 22nd July it is by popular vote, or due to a lack of votes. Can evryone be at the Flotterstone for 2pm sharp, so I can run though the details before the off. Good luck, a remember to bring a navigator, a pen, stop watch and a digital camera/phone if you have one. If you dont have a navigator we will try and team up the lonely soles before kick off. Thanks.

ive delted the 1st post to clean it up etc now we have a date - hope this is ok

if your up for it on the 22nd June please reply here


looks good to me as long as im not on call for my work :beers:

looking forward to it !

I’ll be stateside by then, but good luck to the entrants.


it is june as one post says july :think

I’m confused. Who is organising this?!

Me, Nick and the cut and pasted version of the posting seems to have gone wrong. It will take place on Sunday 22 June.

Nick - 2008-05-27 9:42 AM

I’m confused. Who is organising this?!

just turn up and join in !!!

I’m on work stand-by too and can’t do Camper Jam mad.gif

  • but will be well up for this rally if not actually working…

Keith is organising it,as per keiths post :thumb:

the thread was redone as there were lots of replies on keiths origional post and poll so i added a new post with date at top.

hope to see plenty there


It would be handy to have an idea of whose coming to this so I can get enough copies of maps, so who is coming?

ok we will go with the old copy and paste method for addin your names.




The coverts will miss this due to a prior engagement down south

sorry guys


4 names for an event near the middle of summer :think

come on folks dont be shy

you dont want me to take home the trophy and prize do you ??? dancinnanagif.gif