My beetle is parked on street in Marchmont Edinburgh and last night somebody pulled the cover off and stole it (the cover) and left a nice ding on the front driverside wing…

bastards…why do people do stuff like this?

All sympathies - I reckon most of us have experienced this particular type of bastard’s work…

When I used to have my bug on street the monthly damage varied from door mirrors ripped off to taillight housings disappearing, reversing over the bumpers and someone jumping on the bonnet.


Sometimes you get a little back though - I remember an acquaintance of mine (who shall remain nameless for legal reasons) who was having problems with folks repeatedly ripping off the VW bonnet emblem on his bug. A plan was hatched, and he spent several evenings filing the underside of the die cast badge to a razor sharp edge, before mounting it on the bonnet with just enough gap to try and get your fingers under it… sure enough, saturday night came and went, and this time, on sunday morning, the badge was still there. A quick wash got all the blood off the bonnet… :zip