Touran problems...

Hi guys looking for some help ! As well as my 70 beetle my everyday car is a 56 VW Touran turbo diesel.

The wife was driving this a long towards Klondyke Garden Centre when there was a noise and the car starting coasting and she pulled up at the side of the road…tried to pull away engine revving not going anywhere

Recovered by the AA and back to a local dealers and we were told there was no visual damage underneath the car, however, the gearbox had exploded at diff/crown wheel and there is a fist sized hole in the box!

Dealer advised they had never seen this before but the only way it could have happened was due to driver error ! which suprise suprise means its not covered under VW warranty
30mph in 4th gear doesnt seem to match up with driver error

I’ve also heard that there is a known fault - a problem with crown wheel rivets on Tourans which sheer off and throw everything in the bellhousing causing this sort of damage and fits in with facts around how it failed

Anyone know where I could look to find more info or seen anything like this before ?


Try getting in touch with VW direct You may get a goodwill claim. I know Golfs had the same problem.

I’m a big fan of “Honest John” - has a weekly Q&A page in Daily Telegraphs Saturday Motoring section.
Usually, if there’s a recurring problem with a model, he’ll know about it and what your chances of a goodwill claim might be.
Could be worth e-mailing him and see what he recommends…

Best o’luck… :thumb:

Blimey, what a nightmare! I’ve not heard of that specific problem but I’m sad to say that vw have dropped their quality on gearboxes in recent years, I’ve seen plenty polo/ibiza/a2s with gearbox problems at low milage.
I’d agree with talking to VW UK and I’d push the dealer hard on it too. If push comes to shove get an independant engineers report on the 'box to support your case.
Let us know how you get on!
Best of luck

after having a look through google it does seem there is a problem with some Touran boxes.

During June 2007, flywheels and clutches for diesels were “on back order” (see recalls). Seems to be a very common problem. Sometimes the self destructing DMFs damage the transmission. Continuing issue December 2008. Sometimes two reports of DMF/transmission casing failures a day.

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Re: Gearbox problem - please help!
Hi just looking into faults with VW Touran gearboxes, my clutch & flywheel went 12 months ago thankfully covered by warranty but just 3 months out of warrantly my gearbox went!! Doom and gloom faced with a £2k bill for a new one, when recovered upto VW they looked at it and clutch and fly wheel have been damaged :0( a bill of £2.6k altogether, despite asking why they weren’t covered under a 2 year warranty I am forced to pay they say VW only cover warranty work for the period of warranty!! On a positive note if you moan loud enough and having got a full VW service history and VW MOT they have paid 50% as a gesture of goodwill, but I am taking it up with VW direct. I have no fault with the dealership they have done nothing but help me but after 32k miles and a 3 and a bit year old car I don’t expect to have to buy a new gearbox!! But gestures of goodwill are there you just gotta know about them!!

found a few


cable linkage big problem.(cables) then high tower exploding on gearbox …

Many thanks for the responses dudes - meeting with the garage in the morning to get things moving