trailer needed

hi well i finally got myself a car problem is i need a trailer to get it home frm england,it has a few minor engine problems.
can anyone help it wont be for a few weeks yet but ill let u know exactly when i need it.
ashleigh :rolleyes:

If its taxed and mot’d then just join one of the recovery companies and tell em it’s broke. They’ll either tow it back for you or get it running. Either way your quids in.

the guy just fitted a new engine in it but he said the cars alarmed an imobilised an for some reason cant get a spark to the plugs to get it running

falklands car carriers are a good company to try and very reasonable price wise when you take into account your time fuel expences etc. just an idea. they will pick up and drop of at your address. the number is on this site somewhere. i have it somewhere also will post it up tomorrow

have a special a frame for towing beetles as long as its not 1302 or 1303

if it is i have an A frame for 1302 or 1303

ok thanks will let u know wen im goin down :smiley:

ashleigh1972 - 2007-09-04 8:35 AM

ok thanks will let u know wen im goin down :smiley:

Well what is it, whats the details, spill the beans?

lol its the 1 in the photo <--------- :rasp
only needs i wing all the welding has been done just have to decide on wot colour now i wnt it,its 9 months mot,taxed