Type 2 Headlight

I feel like i’m on here a lot - mmm maybe I’ll not buy my next van from VWRELICS!

I recently replaced both headlights (the whole unit, 3 screw one with one screw fixing into the body and the other two as adjusters) and I found the right hand one did not fit perfectly over the metal lip on the bodywork like the previous knackered one did. Although I assumed this was to do with specs changing I find condensation in the headlight so I have been trying to re-screw the unit - sods law I have now threaded the housing (a small flap of metal): I am creatively coming up with nuts that are fixed (somehow) and getting a new peice of metal soldered/welded (you’ll guess I only work on the blu-tac level!!!) but wonder if anyone else has had a similar problem or can suggest an obvious solution.

I was thinking of getting a nut and putting it in a casing so it will not turn when I screw in the headlight (well it’s in my head?!)

Many thanks

had the same thing with mine. what i used was a little clip that is basically u shaped with a hole going right thro it. which one ends tightens down to a srew or bolt. you mostly find them in packs for securing your door speakers to the door cards. sorry dont know there technical name!!

hope this helps


you’re a star!..that’s exactly the thing i was thinking of but couldn’t quite remember where i’d used one before…doh!..putting my speakers in the door - funny how that tip of the tongue experience is saved by internet message boards!

cheers for that

Have come across a small piece of wood, held in place with a screw through the headlamp bowl into it.
The headlamp was the held in place with another wood screw into the block of wood.
The worrying thing is that this arrangement works remarkably well