Type 2 Rear Wheel Studs...

Well, rather than re-tap my buggered studs, Greg suggested that it’d be much easier just to replace them. So I went to VW in Gorgie on my way home on Thursday and they just happened to have 2 in stock!

Jacked up the Bus, popped it on an axle stand, took my wheel off, undid the drum screws, “encouraged” the drum off with a rubber mallet and then smacked the living daylights out of the two studs 'til they fell out the back. Great.

Putting the new ones in was a drag, though, and I’m not entirely convinced they’re fully in place even now. I figured they’d get pulled through when I tightened a nut on them but, now that I have, it still looks like they’re not as far through as the others. Is there a trick to this? I don’t want to drive until I know it’s safe. :huh:

Edit: Oh, and the big Haynes book of lies has nothing on this as far as I can see.

And the wheel still looks wobbly when it’s going round. Something’s definitely more wrong than the wheel studs. :frowning: