Type IV Twin Carburettors setup explanation required!!!

I’m looking to find somebody that will actually come to my house in West Fife to help set up my Solex/ Brosol 44 twin carbs.

As my van is “off the road” I am unable to take it to a garage but from past, painful experience… carburettor set up is a “lost art” and every garage either looks at them for an hour, charges me £45 - £65 and tells me that unfortunately they don’t know anything (sometimes if I’m lucky they might tell me before they actually charge me!!!) mad.gif

My aim is to learn what is going on so that I can undertake this sort of tuning in the future but at present I’m a bit lost. The internet is pretty good at guiding you and telling the sort of processes to be applied but I think that like most people, having someone show you these processes and explaining the difference in engine noise, exhaust fumes, vibration etc, etc… gives a clearer understanding.

Anyway, enough whining from me, any suggestions or contacts would be appreciated. biggrin.gif

Alternatively…if anyone has a similar twin carb set-up and can show/ explain the methods and processes involved and doesn’t mind me visiting for a tutorial.



Sounds like a job for Eric!