Tyres & MOT

Couple of quick questions, my bug is getting close to being ready for an MOT, can anyone suggest a good garage to take it to. I would prefere to take it somewhere that understands older cars. Second question can anyone recommened a good place to get standard tyres, I am going to need three to pass the MOT and after a couple enquiries at Kwikfit and Budget, they were both expensive and bloody unhelpfull.

where are you Ian

Hi Davey, good point, I am in Haymarket Edinburgh.

give these guys a call, u never know

Scotyre International Ltd
1b, Greendykes Ind Est, Broxburn, West Lothian EH52 6PG
Tel: 01506 854494 Classification: Tyre Manufacturers & Wholesalers

I recently bought tyres for my Bus from BlackCircles.com. They were cheap, had a massive range, excellent customer service by e-mail to help me choose and they sub-contract out the fitting to local centres so all you have to do is pop round once BlackCircles tell you the fitting centre have received your order and they’ll do it all for you. My local fitting centre in Grangemouth were excellent, especially when I’d ordered stupidly low profile tyres for the front. They let me use their phone to call BlackCircles and change my order.

Highly recommended. Plus, if you use the link in this post you’ll also get 5% off your order. Don’t say I’m not good to you! :smiley:

Thanks for that Ni, any thoughts on a bug friendly MOT station.

I’ve just taken my beetle to the Roseburn Garage, on Roseburn Street next to Murrayfield.
They seem to be really nice and came recommended by other on this website, so fingers crossed.
I think there is going to be some welding involved but hopefully the car’ll get there!