Anyone had any good deals on tyres lately?

i go to hunters of linlithgow

worth the travelling for a good price and a professional service

not sure prices of tyres for the beetles,but if the garage aint got them in stock they will get them in for you

4 mill road ind. est
eh49 7sf
01506 842 540

Depends on what your after, if you want standard beetle tyres there not a lot of choice, Firestone or continental, but I dont find the grip and quality very great. Although longstone tyres http://www.longstonetyres.co.uk/index.php do a better selection, the Vredersteins get good reviews. If you want modern wider tyres your spoilt for choice, although most are too big for stock rims.

i got a good deal at farmers in musselburgh but that was for my saab maybe worth a call though they have branches all over aswell thats enough of an advert :smiley:

Hi Ange

http://www.viking.co.uk/ are always worth a try. They have moved out my way so can pick them up if up get a deal.