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Split Charge Setups

alrighty then here’s a few more.

A few good ones here (how to setup those carbs)

Basic head porting

Good info here

Aircooled VW Technical Support Index

VW Resource (excellent site with loadsa info)

I’ve prepared a Photo FAQ how to replace engine / gearbox and few other things… but unfortunately is only in Polish…:frowning:

Maybe you will find those pictures useful…

Excellent. You should sell the pictures to Haynes, yours are far superior.
Stuggled a bit with the words tho’ :slight_smile:

Supporting a car on bricks like tese guys do in the picyures is totally insane!

greasegod - 2006-02-22 3:17 PM

Supporting a car on bricks like tese guys do in the picyures is totally insane!

You mean the gentleman from Poland that frequents this site from time to time, I agree though not really a great idea & only technically useful if you fancy loosing some weight! :lol:

Aimed at beginners, but useful nonetheless!

A couple of years on, I’ve had another look at this site. They are still the best piccies I’ve seen on a “How to” theme yet. Haynes should recruit this guy now.

Tyre Info :

If you want a good explanation of how the heating SHOULD work on a Bay then here it is

…and if you want links to all the after market heating, here it is.

Can you tell what one of my first priorities in planning my bay resto might be???


I found this link for porting heads.

Good link - ta Mark! :thumb:

Another I found:

Overhauling Door Locks.

For genuine Westy parts

Removing broken bakelite fuel pump flange.

Best tyre prices on the net at mo :

Fitting is done by National Tyres & Autocare centres

The prices quoted are fully inclusive, and even cheaper than National’s own site!

A lot of other online tyre shops charge extra for fitting, valves, balancing & disposal of old tyres.

This is nice:

Paint codes

Useful for setting your timing