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It might be a good idea to stick in your vehicle details in the interest field of your profile (control panel). This might help people who might be trying to give you suggestions to help you out.


I was trying to download a picture of my van to put on the side of my posts. How do you do that? I think the pictures I’ve got are too big, is there a way of making them smaller?


80Kb is the maximum file size of the avatars. So you will need to change the size of the image in photoshop LE or some similar tool. If you are having trouble then just email me the pic and I’ll sort it for you.

Mat - use JASC Paint Shop Pro or Adobe Photoshop if you have these programmes.
My scanner only saves files as bitmap (.bmp), which are massive (over 10MB for the average photo scan), so I adjust the image size in Paint Shop Pro and save the file as a jpeg (.jpg) then delete the bitmap file to save hard drive space.
Even my basic wee 2 megapixel digital camera images are up to 400kB big, but by reducing the image to 25% I can get them under 100kB without too much loss in clarity.
Hope this helps…

just spotted your new image - hope the poor bus in the midst of the flames is one of the wee japanese pretend dubs and not a real splitty! reminds me too much of all the wincing moments in recent years of seeing classic dubs destroyed in hollywood car chases… Always seems a little random that even like bad boys 2 can feature a “random” bay window being trashed during a chase scene - wouldn’t a modern mini-van be a much more likely target for getting totalled by a truck? perhaps subliminal messageing - mini-vans are family friendly and wholesome america, whereas the bay window is german, and associated with hippies, surfers and drugs (bad!), or perhaps the raging paranoia is getting the better of me!

Dunno what movie the pic came from, but it’s a real Splitty alright - another of those unwarranted acts of vandalism from Hollywood! :axe
I seem to remember a Dirty Harry movie that killed a Split by crashing 3 tons of shitty Yank iron into one, but can’t recall seeing an explosion scene like this before… :huh: