I’m getting around to joining so I’ll admit that I’m already wavering, but if anyone has any thoughts on my dilemma, I’d be really interested!

I have a 1972 Blue bay windowed dormobile. I had it kinda restored a few years ago (learned a few lessons there) and since have replced the engine, braking system, exhaust, roof (thanks to Sam at PFP)…but it’s been worth it everytime I stop and make a coffee dringing through Glencoe, or over the pass to Applecross. However I am wondering whether now is the time to cash in and sell it…we are expecting a baby soon and I just cannot afford any more outlays, but I loved the van for camping. So I was wondering whther a T25 might give me more (heating! as its 500 to put a propex in mine i guess) for my money (with maybe a little bit of profit…its valued at 7,500 but who knows!)…or am I making the mistake of selling a van I know about and what I have already fixed?

I know if I sell it for a car I may never get one again. I also know this is an enthusiast site so I’m not expecting anyone to say ‘sell it they’re crap!’ but I wonder if others have had similar experiences?

Anyway this may be all odd ramblings of a campervan owner coming up to winter with nowhere to go!

cheers for now


if you think the 25s are any warmer you in for big dissapointment as mines is baltic, you can pick one up for less than you’d get for your bay so you’d have a few bob to play with


thats the kind of insider knowledge I think I need…of course I do like wearing my hat and gloves!

Depending on what needs doing to it that you know off, if its a case of diminishing returns sell it and you should get a decent T25 or even a T4 if your lucky :smiley: Even with a t25 they are old enough to turn into a drain on your finances too as some on here will tell you :huh: . If your van is sound I would keep it for as long as you can and sell it when finally forced into it by significant others, matrimonial harmony etc :beers:

The AirCooled T25s are indeed baltic, I used to own one, but the one I’m driving now a Diesel is nice and warm and drives well. Not many things that have gone wrong, well the occasional oil spillage but that’s just VW I think :slight_smile: :smiley:

like you say better sticking tothe van you already know has had the work done, heating is an issue with all vans no easy or cheap way round it £500 seems alot but its in for the duration and they work very well. T25 are good vans but Now adays I have to say bays are for me if i was to change i’d get a good tdi t4 and for about 6 or 7 grand you’d get an ok one . but you move away from the coolness of a bay IMO.

Mmmmmm, thanks for the comments. I clearly need my ego stroking as I do enjoy the smiles a bay window seems to attract!..I kind of knew a T25 would still cost money and for me a T4 is a little big (well its wider)…but then maybe it ain’t!..better the devil you know is always a good way to go…I guess I’m waivering and it’s good to listen to others, it helps my thought process…of course if I made it to a blether, i’d never sell it!



jamieorlagh - 2007-10-17 3:58 PM

…I do enjoy the smiles a bay window seems to attract!
…better the devil you know is always a good way to go…
…of course if I made it to a blether, I’d never sell it!

cheers, Jamie

:rolleyes: Or a camping meet after a challenging wee cruise on a sunny day…? B)

Smiles per mile is what it’s all about!
Gotta keep it mate! :beers:

well having spent yesterday undersealing it maybe i’ll keep it a little longer…no where do I get a baby seat from!!! :think

i use a bebe comfort system which has a , reatis sit for the car,but this is good for when they are new born to about one the bigger car seats seem to over hang the front seats and would best be fitted in the back. I’m going to have to get rear seat belts sorted too. hope that helps. oh they always let you cheack to see it fits the car, halfords even do an installation, may sound funny but saves you having to read the instruction as the dude talks you through it and makes sure its safe . :smiley:

If you have a little boy, about 4 years from now you will be the greatest Dad in the world.
Little girls I can’t vouch for yet as our little un is only 18 months.
It’s a waste of time and money going to fancy hotels for kids to scream and bawl and stop you sleeping. Holidays in the van are a great family experience, and much more fun.
You’ll not get a lochside room for cheap in a hotel, but we had a weeks camping in Luss, right by the water, for under £100 for the pitch.
As the Mastercard ads say … priceless.

get yourself and the van over to bathgate on sunday or better still join us for the camping on sat night, you’ll have a good time with the crowd that goes :beers:

wow, thanks for the advice!!!..i sadly didn’t make the camping or Bathgate show as I decided on an epic ‘visit my mum in leicester’ weekend which took me beyond the point of freezing and back…that and a condensor break on the Shap summit (which was fun),… but being the ‘coolest dad’ does appeal somewhat…I’m still tinkering with selling and buying a T25 but I’ll have to see what happens over the next months or so…to T2 or not T2 that is the question!