Vanfest Camping

Hello all

Do you guys camp as a club, going down Friday hope to be their around 2 ish, be great to have some company for the weekend first time down to Vanfest if the Bug makes it??? Every outing is an adventure !!!.

Regards Sam.

sam, seems like quite a few peeps are going down all at different times, im leaving abington at 8.30 and cruising down with the Busstop crew and who ever else, ur welcome to cruise down with us, im sure we will get parked up wi the rest of the guys when we get there

u still got my number?


Cheers Davey

Still got your number will let you know was go to shoot down the east coast maybe i could link up Penrith some where like that I’ll give you a ring maybe a van coming from Dunbar as well.

Speak soon Sam.

You been at Action this weekend.


ill also be comin wit my dad :smiley: gonna be good hopefully we can cruise besides you guys again,
anyway cya at the show davey.

Regards Connor

yea Connor hope you and your dad make the cruise down, if not see you at the show and we can all have a big cruise back up the road

that would be awesome dude…c ya ther :smiley:

(by the way lovee your avatar :D)