Vanfest now want £20 for Entertainment Marquee on top of £35 Entry

Changes to the Entertainment Marquee, paid for by the ticket charge, will be:

  • Top-quality artistes.
  • Upgraded security fencing to maintain integrity and security of those attending.
  • Professional “Event Qualified” security personnel, both inside and out.
  • Upgraded communications system for crowd control/incident/event management.
  • Qualified first aid officers in attendance.
  • Up-rated interior/exterior décor and facilities.
  • Enhanced effects lighting.
  • Larger stage and facilities.
  • Trackway for access from roadway.
  • Enhanced facilities as requested by artistes
  • Better Disabled person access & Facilities

We will therefore be offering two levels of attendance:

Premier Attendance:
£20 per person for the weekend (Friday & Saturday night)
£15 per person per night.

Special wristbands will be issued for a weekend or nightly pass.

VIP Attendance:
A limited amount of VIP passes will be available for a one-off fee Weekend of £50. For this fee, VIP pass holders will receive:

  • A gold VIP wristband, and a VIP laminate & lanyard.
  • A secure private VIP lounge including interior decor, lighting, carpeting & furniture.
  • Red carpet from the roadway to the VIP suite.
  • Champagne Bar (inside)
  • Pimms Bar (inside)
  • Executive toilets and facilities within VIP suite compound.
  • Executive door personnel to greet you and ensure your safety.
  • VIP viewing area directly alongside the stage.
  • A chance to “Meet & Greet” the artistes within the VIP suite

Please Remember: These charges are on top of the existing Weekend Camping or Day Visitor charges are to help cover the costs of enhanced facilities and experiences. To outline the value in these fees, the cheapest ticket to last year’s X Factor Tour alone was £50!!



Sounds like they’ve turned a good show into a money generating pile of fking ste. I’ll not be going. They can stick their heads up their own arses. Once the heavy mob pro security start governing the show, it becomes a prison, not what VWing is about. Extra secure fencing, to keep people out more like, wouldn’t want to loose a penny ya tight bas from people sneaking in.
As for the extra charges and VIP guff. In VW world all people are equal no matter how much cash we have.
To conclude, they suck donkey ass :rs
excuse the french, but I look forward to vanfest, Not anymore

X-Factor is for brain dead morons and no way comparable to the peoples of the VW scene, quite franky I am insulted by association to that brain dead S**te mad.gif

I’m so angry I repeated brain dead twice, my English teacher always said that was wrong heehaw.gif

I went on their website, never saw any extra prices and stuff, You on the windup Kev, if so, you fair had me going biggrin.gif

So it is all true then, A very sad day for vw owners. For us up North having to travel all the way down to this VW Mecca only to find it turned into Disney land. ie disnae let you enjoy the whole ethos of vw,ing. I’m sure we’ll all miss the smiling faces of kids making beer tin towers. Ah well another institution killed by greed mad.gif